Application of situational teaching approach in nursing skills training

Feng Zhou


Objective: to improve the comprehensive ability of nursing students, to meet the need of clinical nursing. Methods: selected senior nursing students of two classes from grade 2012 , one class was taught by situational teaching method, the other class was in the traditional teaching method. By questionnaire with theory and skills examination, analyze the two groups of nursing students in the teaching effect. Results: the experimental group of situational teaching of nursing students generally agree that the experimental group nursing theory and skills examination scores were higher than control group (the value of T are 2.339, 2.339; P < 0.05 respectively) difference is statistically significant. Conclusion: the application of situational teaching method in nursing skill training, improves the teaching effect and the comprehensive ability of nursing students, worth wide application.


Situational teaching; Nursing students; Teaching effect ; Comprehensive ability

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