Exploration and practice of performance assessment and evaluation system in teaching and research office

Ting-ting Wang, Guang-liang Chen, Jin-ling Huang, Cheng-zhang Wu, Yi-jun Gu


Subject to policies and relevant provisions of the school, and according to according to the consistency, system, innovation, operational principles of performance assessment standards, the evaluation system is divided into two parts. One is basic evaluation scores (including management of teaching and research office, teaching management and teaching staff construction) and other part is increase or decrease in points (including teaching research, scientific research, honors and awards, participating in group activities, teaching accident, the scores of indicators need to be divided by the total number of staff). There are quantifiable scores for each item and each item needs supporting materials for application. Excellent teaching and research office and outstanding individuals will be recommended to the school in accordance with the evaluation score, and the outstanding individuals will get certain material rewards. The evaluation system received good effect upon its implementation during the past two years.


Teaching and research office; Performance assessment; Evaluation system

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