Feasible research on application of clinical nursing practice education for college nursing students

Wen-xiu Liu, Hai-lan Hu


During the clinical nursing courses for nursing students in school, it’s difficult for them to understand the professional knowledge, meanwhile, they show poor learning outcomes and learning initiative. In that case, we are trying to carry out clinical nursing practice for Level.11, Grade 2. Methods: The students of nursing practice at clinical departments are led by clinical teachers in their spare times, and having training education from the clinical teachers as well. The students will learn for 2~3 months per semester, a total of two semesters. Results: Through this activity, the students here not only familiar with the clinical nursing work environment, understand the nurses work content, while deeply understand practical knowledge, improve the learning initiative, so as to achieve the purpose of improving learning outcomes, the students all realize that this activity is necessary Conclusion:It is an effective and feasible way for nursing students to experience the learning phase of clinical practice at the school.


College nursing students; Clinical nursing practice, Feasible research

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