Exploration to diversified teaching mode in teaching practice of pharmaceutics of Chinese medicinal herbs

Hui-ling Guo, Lv-jiang Hu, Wen-jun Gao, Hui Yang, Hua-sheng Yang


In order to adapt to the development trend of Chinese pharmaceutical business and the modernization of Chinese medicine, complex talents are cultivated to develop new dosage forms of Chinese medicine, solve key technologies and quality issues in production practice and adapt to the modern development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Teaching philosophy of pharmaceutics of Chinese medicinal herbs should be formed in a way of "student-centered, teacher-led, and textbook-centered". Thus, the students not only can master the basic theory and knowledge, but make the combination of theory and practice, which would develop the ability to analyze and solve problems and improve innovation capabilities. In this paper, a diversified teaching model was explored in teaching practice of pharmaceutics of Chinese medicinal herbs.


Pharmaceutics of Chinese medicinal herbs; Theoretical teaching; Diversified teaching mode

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