Exploration and Reflection on the Cultivation of Innovative Ability of Postgraduates of Medical

Jing-jing Zhang, Lei Ying, Yang Wang, Ke-ke Jin, Wan-tie Wang


The development of medical career in our country has put forward higher requirements for the innovative ability of medical postgraduates of  in China. But the innovative ability of postgraduates does not meet the corresponding requirements. Therefore, cultivating innovative consciousness and improving the innovative ability is the important goal and task of cultivating graduate students. This paper summarizes the idea of cultivating the innovative ability of medical postgraduates, and makes a preliminary exploration and thinking on the cultivation methods of the innovative ability of medical postgraduates from the aspects of the current Situation of innovative ability of medical postgraduates, improving the innovation of the instructors and the cultivation of postgraduates' comprehensive ability and so on. This article on how to cultivate high-level, compound medical graduate students put forward a new view of training. 


Innovative ability; Cultivation; Master of medicine

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14725/jenc.v5n1a1732

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