Study on the influence of the first and second laws of thermodynamics on the western modern philosophy of Freud

Peng-fei Zhang, Wei-ming Xu, Qin-li Dai, Wan-mei Li


Into the middle and late period of nineteenth Century, the rigid reality of western traditional metaphysics made the new philosophers think over the outlet of philosophy. At the same time, along with the revolutionary breakthrough of the second scientific discovery, more people believe that more powerful science and technology will not only affect people's basic necessities of life,but will also have an impact on value's view. The modern western philosophy, which was influenced by these contradictory ideas, especially the non -rationalism of the tribe of Freud, is gradually becoming an important part that influences contemporary people and society.


Metaphysics; Modern western philosophy; Freud doctrine; Second law of thermodynamics; First law of thermodynamics

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