Exploration of innovation in teaching single-chip microcomputer with practice running through the course

Kai-xu Liu, Gui-hua Yang, Feng Cui, Jun-chi Ma, Bao-zhi Cheng, Yan-qin Wang


In the process of teaching the course, there is the disconnection between theory and practice, malpractice rate is low, the experimental mode does not adapt, use of experimental resources, so the application ability of the students did not get the essence of promotion. We combined with teaching practice, for each student a MCU core board in the teaching process, through the reform of teaching methods, practice, improvement of teaching resources, improve the appraisal system and the supporting facilities, to improve teaching effect.


MCU; Teaching method; Ability; Assessment

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14725/jenc.v1n1a121

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