The enlightenment to university student’s moral education from doctrines of great learning: on the perspective of remodeling the subjectivity

Xiao-jing Yuan


When the Great Learning had been published during the time of the Warring States, it was one of the Book of Rites. During the Song density, it became the first status of the Four Books and a primer on traditional Confucian moral education. The whole system of Great Learning was based on the Three Cardinal Guides and Eight Items that from individual to others and family to state. In this book, it had expounded the doctrine, methodology, values and methods in education. Meanwhile, it attached the importance to the subjectivity of individual on traditional Confucian moral education. Today, there is a new requirement for the subjectivity remodeling of the university students by the moral education. Taking the “awareness of subjectivity” as the starting point, not just enlightens the moral consciously of individual who will be a moral responsibility undertakers; but also can make the students who are of different personalities all identify with core values of socialism. The college students will be the main force to build socialism. Rational and effective traditional moral education will enlighten the students on their subjectivity remodeling by present moral education.


Great learning; Three cardinal guides and eight items; Moral education; Subjectivity

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