Advantages and disadvantages about using pharmacological method state theory to explain the efficacy of Traditional Chinese medicine

Wei-zhi Chang, Jiu-quan Li, Yun-song Yang, Jian-bo Chai, Miao Qu


Pharmacological method state is a kind of reasoning mode about performance theory of traditional Chinese medicine,which can be used to explore the usefulness and effective medicines principles. The reasoning mode thinks that shape, color, smell, origin, ripening season will affect function of the drug. Pharmacological method state can enrich medicine property of Traditional Chinese medicine on some extent, and it will make the clinical medication change from experience to theoretical. The reasoning mode is useful to recognize the efficacy of Traditional Chinese medicine and explain the principles of effective with orientation analogy law,which can summarize the method of administration and law. It is necessary to clarify this issue that pharmacological method state has a kind of simple, mechanical reasoning and obvious limitations, which has negative impact on the research of the nature of drug action.


Pharmacological method state; Medicine property of Traditional Chinese medicine; Efficacy of Traditional Chinese medicine; Orientation analogy law

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