The SWOT analysis of Traditional Chinese Mind & Imagery Therapy

Ai-Dong Ji, Shu-zhen Zheng, Chun-yan Liang, Ji-fei Yang


Mind & Imagery Therapy breathign technique and clinical application is an important part of the inheritance and protection of traditional Chinese medicine, establish Mind & Imagery Therapy department can promote the inheritance and development. To explore the significance and urgency of the hospital building of Mind & Imagery Therapy department, using SWOT analysis method, the traditional Chinese building of Mind & Imagery Therapy department's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats analysis, to evaluate hospital building of Mind & Imagery Therapy department, and provide Mind & Imagery Therapy departments to carry out the scope of business and use scientific and reasonable feasible opinion, suggestion, and exploration of traditional Chinese Mind & Imagery Therapy department working mode, can better service for the patient.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital;Mind & Imagery Therapy department;SWOT analysis

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