Analysis of the advantages of Chinese Medicine in the treatment of tinnitus

Peng Liu


Tinnitus is the perception of sound without external stimuli.  Its diagnosis and treatment are complicated by the fact that it has no physical form, various degrees of severity, unknown pathogenesis, no immediate relief, etc.  Hence, it is one of the most difficult issues in modern medicine. Over the years, there has been a major fault in people’s understanding about tinnitus.  Discussions regarding the perception of sound with and without external stimuli had been muddled.  This type of research model is similar to fishing the moon out of the water in which there will be no result.  The above-mentioned difficulties can be resolved when the holistic concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine is utilized in the treatment of tinnitus: Without exception, patients suffering of tinnitus have inappropriate habits in terms of diet, sleep, excessive stress, etc.  When dysfunction of the internal organs arises due to these unnatural habits, the body responds by expressing a friendly alert in the form of sound – the truth behind the onset of tinnitus. Once the signal of tinnitus is comprehended, you may apply “Physician Therapy“ and conduct treatment accordingly. On one hand, through the process of “Physician Counseling”, you can help patients to eliminate the fear for tinnitus as well as readjust their relevant inappropriate habits.  On the other hand, the application of “Treatment Modalities” such as Chinese Herbal Treatment, Acupuncture, Massage, etc. can benefit patients by regulating the function of the internal organs; thus, tinnitus will disappear automatically even without treating it directly.


Tinnitus; Chinese Medicine treatment; Audiology

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