The human health diagnosis by remote sensing under the moxibustion therapy

Chun-xiang Cao, Min Xu, Feng-xing Gao, Wei Chen, Sheng Zheng, Shan-ning Bao, Hai-fang Guo, Tianyu Yang Yang, Shi-lei Lu, Jia-tian Zhang, Yun-fei Xu, Xi-liang Ni


Aimed to complete the environmental health diagnosis index system by remote sensing, expand the application of remote sensing equipment and deepen the study of human health diagnosis by remote sensing, this study was conducted referring to lots of researches and cases on moxibustion therapy. Firstly, the international researches were reviewed in this article, and the respective problems were also summarized. Moreover, the experimental process and results about human health diagnosis by remote sensing under moxibustion therapy were demonstrated. During the process of human health diagnosis by moxibustion therapy, the temporal variation pattern of the temperature of the human body was collected through thermal infrared remote sensing equipment by retrieving from the thermal infrared spectrum information. Jointly with corresponding human health indices which were measured before and after the moxibustion treatment and related body circumference measurement, the blood flow rate and field strength, the analysis of the thermal infrared spectrum information were acquired to provide a scientific explanation for the clinic mechanism and effect of moxibustion therapy. The human health related indices were collected taking advantages of modern high-tech instruments (e.g. the thermal infrared remote sensing instrument, blood velocity meter and field intensity meter). Further the variation law of many health indicators was analyzed to build the database of human health diagnosis by remote sensing under moxibustion therapy. This research explored to demonstrate traditional medicine using remote sensing mechanism by collecting sample data of moxibustion diagnosis, monitoring of experimental environment of moxibustion diagnosis and human health indices, analysis of the human body temperature from thermal infrared images, analysis of body circumference, analysis of health related characteristic indices as well as database establishment of human health diagnosis by remote sensing. This research helped recognizing moxibustion therapy from a totally fresh perspective and method, extending the application fields of remote sensing instruments and promoting moxibustion developments.


Environmental health diagnosis by remote sensing; moxibustion therapy; the temperature of human body; thermal infrared remote sensing; human health

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