The Application of Stereo Anti-eccentrically Teaching Methods in Traditional Chinese Qigong Course

Ai-Dong Ji, Xin-hong Song, Dong-yun Ke, Jian-wei Liang


Objective: To explore the use of stereo anti-eccentrically Chinese qigong teaching mode. Method: To introduce the concrete steps of Qigong teaching methods from Qigong serious consequences,deeviation and the present teaching situation, the goal and significance of stereo anti-eccentrically qigong teaching methods etc. Result: In 2013, 6 classes and 498 students, only 23(4.61%)students appeared discomfort. Within a week the improvement of discomfort students is 16(69.56%),disappearance of discomfort students is 5(21.73%), two weeks later,disappeared discomfort students achieve 100%, have no  emergence of severe deviation, reached the safety of teaching purpose. Conclusion: Stereo anti-eccentrically Qigong teaching method can find the first hint of deviation and correct them in time, can improve the security of teaching. so it is worth spreading.


Chinese Qigong; Pedagogy; Deviation

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