The application of hospital customer relationship management in the maternity ward

Pei-hong WANG, Li-bo LUO, Zhong-fang LI, Qian CHEN


HCRM means hospital customer relationship management, which is customer-centric, deeply analysis of the customer's individual needs, and provide better service and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, to ensure customer lifetime value and the sustainable growth of company profits. We chose 126 cases in obstetric department of our hospital during June to November in 2013, stratified random sampling method was used to divide into observation group and control group. The control group based on conventional procedures of nursing work, in accordance with the observation group to provide personalized concept HCRM care, trying to meet their individual needs, while weekly comprehensive analysis of various aspects of nursing management, including overall satisfaction level of care, nursing skills, timeliness of nursing care, nursing service availability, service levels of auxiliary departments during maternity in hospital. In all, maternal satisfaction of observation group was significantly higher than control group (P <0.01), average score of observation group was significantly higher than control group (P <0.01). The conclusion is that "HCRM" care services can meet the needs of the vast majority of pregnant women, greatly improve the overall service level care and can be popularized in maternity care services.



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