The influence of nurses’ occupational commitment on the nursing team construction

Shan-shan TANG, Ying SHI, Shu-ming ZHANG, Xiao-fang REN


Objective: To investigate the advanced care unit with the nursing team has never been rated as advanced nursing unit for comparison in 2 years, so as to find out the following force on the team construction .Methods: 80 different titles of nurses (41 nurses titles, 21 nursing, 9 senior chief, 2 deputy director) were investigated for questionnaire survey, forming a theme. Results: 1. Analysis the cause of the impacts of Nurses’ occupational commitment. 2. Nurses’ occupational commitment directly impacts the construction of the nursing team.3. Nursing leadership should pay attention to the culture of the nurses .4 Nurses should focus on the relationship between team building and occupational commitment. Conclusions: Forming good occupational commitment can effectively improve the safety of care quality, reduce the occurrence of accidents, errors, improve patient’s satisfaction, which is beneficial to the nursing team building.


Nursing team; Nurse; Occupational commitment

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