Through the application of nursing in nursing in severe brain trauma after tracheotomy

Wei-xia YANG


Objective: This paper will give a clinical study on patients with severe craniocerebral injury, so as to explore the clinical effect of evidence-based nursing in the trachea incision in patients with severe craniocerebral trauma, in order to improve the effect of nursing patients with severe craniocerebral injury, and provide a reliable basis and ultimately improve the quality of life and life safety. Methods: The study group of severe craniocerebral injury patients with tracheotomy to evidence-based nursing measures; control group of severe craniocerebral injury patients with tracheotomy to routine clinical nursing measures. Observe and record the time of hospitalization, mortality and respiratory tract infection occurred in two patients, give statistical analysis, draw the conclusion. Results: The study group of severe craniocerebral trauma by clinical nursing of trachea evidence-based nursing measures for patients after incision, the incidence rate was 43.75%, the mortality rate was 12.50%, the average hospitalization time was 23.44± 7.83 days the respiratory tract infection, the incidence rate was 81.25%, the mortality rate was 37.50%, the average hospitalization time was 31.50± 9.25 days, and the P<0.05 patients with respiratory tract infection severe craniocerebral injury of trachea was significantly better than the control group only received routine nursing care measures for incision, the results of between two groups have statistical significance. Conclusion: Severe brain trauma after tracheotomy patient to prevent gas of evidence-based nursing, avoid infection of incision of evidence-based nursing, ensure unimpeded respiratory tract of evidence-based nursing, airway humidification of evidence-based nursing care, environment and equipment of evidence-based nursing in clinical nursing measures and subcutaneous bleeding, can effectively improve the clinical nursing effect, reduce the occurrence of rate and mortality in patients with respiratory tract infection, shorten hospitalized time, improve patient safety and quality of life, worthy of clinical application.


Evidence-based nursing; Severe craniocerebral injury; Tracheotomy; Clinical application

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