The Study on Characteristics and Related Factors of College Students' Equity Sensitivity

Xue Zhang, Xin-yu Li, Rui-wei Yu, Wen Liu


Objective: To explore the characteristics of college students' equity sensitivity, the relationship between temperament, family social class and equity sensitivity. Method: 264 students which from different type of universities were assessed with the Equity Sensitivity Scale, The Formal Characteristics of Behaviour Temperament Inventory (FCB-TI), The Family Social Economic Status Questionnaire. Results and Conclusion: The equity sensitivity had significantly gender differences and grade differences, Equity sensitivity in the first grade was significantly higher than that of the second grade, the equity sensitivity in three and the fourth grade tends to be stable. Equity sensitivity is a significantly positive connection with temperament tolerance, activity and it has significantly negative correlations with persistent, emotion reactivity; Equity sensitivity had significantly positive correlations with family’s SES; Temperament tolerance and family’s social economic status had predictive effect on college students’ equity sensitivity.


College students; Equity sensitivity; Temperament; Family’s social economic status

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