The investigation of the Relationship between Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction of Primary school teachers in Fuzhou

Yan-e Shen, Ling-xia Zhou


Objective: To analyze the relationship between the primary teachers’ job characteristics and job satisfaction. Method: This study investigated 238 Fuzhou city primary school teachers by the teachers’ professional qualities and the job satisfaction questionnaire in Fuzhou, and analysed the data. Results: Fuzhou primary school teachers' job satisfaction was in the middle level, their working state was imbalance, and their pay more than the feedback . They had greater work pressure. There was a significant negative correlation between primary school teachers' job characteristics (extrinsic effort, self-esteem feedback, social status control, money back) and job satisfaction. Conclusion: Elementary school teachers' pay and feedback to relative balance is an important approach to improve the primary school teachers' job satisfaction.


Elementary teachers’ job characteristics; Pay-feedback imbalance model; Job satisfaction

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