On comprehensive prevention and control strategies of hand foot mouth disease

Zhao-min Yang


For explore the feasible of hand, foot and mouth disease prevention and control strategy, from China and Shangluo City, hand foot and mouth disease prevention and control of reality, with hand, foot and mouth disease pathogenic characteristics, epidemiological characteristics, and prevention and control work in the presence of prominent problems, the effect of hand foot and mouth disease prevention and control work factors were analyzed. Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) to solve this important public health problem presented should be taken to improve environment, home hygiene and hand hygiene, prevent intestinal virus infection; strictly the quality of kindergarten and family disinfection, cut off the route of transmission; and immune prevention and other preventive measures. To strengthen epidemic surveillance, early detection, timely isolation and treatment of hand foot and mouth disease, prevention and control of nosocomial infection; to strengthen the hand foot and mouth disease patients home quarantine management, reduce the harm of infectious source; scene investigation standard disposal clusters of cases, severe cases, deaths, to prevent the spread of the epidemic and other control measures. Multi sectoral collaboration to ensure the implementation of control measures; to strengthen the responsibility and professional skills training, to ensure the quality of prevention and control work; increase steering efforts, timely find and solve the problems and difficulties existing in the work; for different groups of people, take appropriate methods, carry out of hand foot and mouth disease prevention and control health education and other security measures.


Hand foot and mouth disease; Public health; Prevention and control; Comprehensive strategy

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