Clinical analysis of 103 cases of invasive pulmonary fungal infection

Zu-ping Zhang, Zhi-ping Zeng


Objective: To analyze the clinical features of invasive pulmonary fungal infection (IPFI), and to explore the prevention and treatment of IPFI. Methods: Clinical data of 103 cases with IPFI diagnosed in our hospital were retrospectively analyzed. Results: COPD, bronchial lung cancer, and the abuse of antibiotics were the main risk factors of IPFI, among which Candida albicans accounted for 57.3% and Aspergillus species accounted for 32%in all cases. The mortality of IPFI patients was 20.4%. Conclusions: IPFI is a secondary pulmonary infection because of variety of predisposing factors, and its mortality rate is high. Early diagnosing, effective treatment for the fungus and enhancing the nutrition are good for IPFI.


Invasive pulmonary fungal infection; Clinical analysis

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