Teaching reform and practice of medical genetics teaching in the cultivation of innovative thinking and clinical practice ability of medical students

Ying-zhen Zhang, Wen-Jing Pu


To improve medical students' autonomous learning, clinical thinking and problem analysis and problem solving, and clinical practice skills, TBL teaching and clinical practice and case analysis are introduced in medical genetics teaching. The students could promote autonomous learning and independent study through consulting data, group discussion, and social practice. The whole process of heuristic, participatory teaching, could fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of students, making students become the subject of learning, and interaction between teachers and students, students interaction and group discussion, as one of the social practice teaching mode. In this teaching model, students get horizontal contact of knowledge, vertical infiltration, which make the basic medical knowledge and clinical medical knowledge effectively integrate, achieving good teaching effect.


Innovative thinking; Clinical practice; Autonomous learning; Medical genetics; Effect

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