Vol 2, No 6 (2014)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14725/gjnr.v2n6

Table of Contents


Traditional Chinese Medicine Soaking on the quality of life for Advanced Cancer Patients PDF (简体中文)
Juan Liao, Yu-fei Yang, Yu Wu 1
Investigation on career planning of nurses in Class 3 A grade hospital of Beijing PDF (简体中文)
Na Liu, Jian-xia Zhang, Lan Wang 7
Retrospective study on the application of reverse puncture of venous transfusion in clinical nursing PDF (简体中文)
Xiao-lan Huang, Juan Liao, Jing Jing 12
Effect of the improving teaching method on the prevention of needle stick injuries in the department of infectious disease PDF (简体中文)
Yi Chen, Jing Li, Zheng-cui Hu 17
Establishment of magnetic nursing work environment for promoting of the development of nursing career in China PDF (简体中文)
Lan Wang, Yan-ming Ding, Xia Liu, Jian-xin Liu 21
The application of quality control circle in neurosurgery ICU nurses in raising compliance of the head of a bed PDF (简体中文)
Na Li, Jing Sun 25
Analysis and protective measures of sharp instrument injury causes of sterilization and supply center PDF (简体中文)
Hua Yang 28

Experience Exchange

The application of Merogel in endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy surgery PDF (简体中文)
Yu Liu 31
Strengthen the servant leadership to enhance the nurses’ job satisfaction PDF (简体中文)
Yun-xia Hao, Qing-yin Li, Wan Li, Jie Liang, Chen Zhang 33
Practice and thinking for standardized training of new graduate nurse PDF (简体中文)
Jun Deng, Li Li, Jun-ye Tian, Yan-ming Ding 36

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