Prevention and treatment of complications of laparoscopic surgery for gynecological diseases

Xiu-qin Fu


Objective: To evaluate the prevention and nursing of complications of laparoscopic surgery in the treatment of gynecological diseases. Methods: Retrospective analysis of the clinical data of 145 patients in our department. To analyze the prevention and nursing of laparoscopic operation complications, give full preoperative preparation, intraoperative observation, postoperative nursing measures. Results: All 145 cases were operated smoothly, besides 2 patients were converted to laparotomy due to pelvic adhesion, 2 cases of subcutaneous emphysema, 4 cases of shoulder and back pain and ribs pain, and 3 cases of puncture bleeding. Conclusion: The care of complications after gynecological laparoscopic surgery focused on strengthening preoperative visit, intraoperative observation, postoperative care and comprehensive assessment of patients, and correct body placement methods. Improving nursing quality control system and careful care is the key to reduce complications. 


Laparoscopic; Complication; Prevention ; Treatment

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