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Global Journal of Nursing Research is an international, open-access, scholarly journal that focuses on nursing theoretical research and clinical practice, with its ISSN 2309-2963(print)、ISSN 2375-4664(Online). Oriented to a global market, GJNR conducts strict double-blind peer review and allows readers to get access to the online resources free of charge. GJNR offers timely original articles, reviews and experience exchange concerning nursing research and practice throughout the world. It aims to provide a platform for nursing practitioners and professionals worldwide to communicate and enhance nursing sdandards.

We expect all authors submitting to Global Journal of Nursing Research to adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

A. All authors must warrant that their article is their own original work, which does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity, and cannot be construed as plagiarizing any other published work, including their own previously published work.

B. All authors named on the paper are equally held accountable for the content of a submitted manuscript or published paper.

C. The corresponding author must ensure all named co-authors consent to publication and to being named as a co-author. All persons who have made significant scientific or literary contributions to the work reported should be named as co-authors.

D. Authors must not submit a manuscript to more than one journal simultaneously.

E. Authors should not submit previously published work, nor work which is based in substance on previously published work, either in part or whole.

F. Authors must appropriately cite all relevant publications. Information obtained privately, as in conversation, correspondence, or discussion with third parties, should not be used or reported in the author's work unless fully cited, and with the permission of that third party.

G. Authors must make available all necessary formal and documented ethical approval from an appropriate research ethics committee, including evidence of anonymization and informed consent from the client(s) or patient(s) studied, if appropriate.

H. Authors must follow national and international procedures that govern the ethics of experimentation on humans and animals. Research reported in the paper must be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, in full compliance with all relevant codes of experimentation and legislation. All papers which report in vivo experiments or clinical trials on humans or animals must include a written statement in the Methods section that such work was conducted with the formal approval of the local human subject or animal care committees, and that clinical trials have been registered as legislation requires.

I. Authors must include all appropriate warnings concerning any specific and particular hazards that may be involved in carrying out experiments or procedures described in the article or involved in instructions, materials, or formulae in the article; include explicitly relevant safety precautions, and cite, if an accepted standard or code of practice is relevant, a reference to the relevant standard or code.

J. If required, authors must facilitate access to data sets described in the article.

K. Authors must avoid making defamatory statements in submitted articles which could be construed as impugning any person's reputation.

L. Authors must declare any potential conflict of interest – be it professional or financial – which could be held to arise with respect to the article.

M. Authors must disclose all sources of funding for the research reported in the paper.

N. If asked to provide a list of suggested reviewers, authors must provide the correct details for suitable reviewers with the appropriate experience to review, ensuring that the suggested reviewers do not have a conflict of interest.





Posted: 2016-11-22



      浙江在线·浙江城镇网 04月01日 讯 日前,湖州师范学院与湖州鑫远投资有限公司校企合作签约,双方合作筹建湖州师范学院鑫达国际护理学院。



Posted: 2016-04-01


Posted: 2016-04-01



国际护士会第18届国际护理会议ICN 2016 : 18th International Conference on Nursing时间:2016年9月29—30日地点:英国-伦敦主办:国际护士会链接:

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近日,国际护士会(ICN)在其官网上发布了2016年国际护士节的主题“Nurses: A Force for change: Improvinghealth systems’ resilience”(护士:变革的力量,提高健康系统的适应性)。

Posted: 2016-01-04
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Prevention and treatment of complications of laparoscopic surgery for gynecological diseases PDF (简体中文)
Xiu-qin Fu 1

Experience Exchange

Traditional Chinese medicine care emphasizes the power of the mind PDF (简体中文)
Yu-mei Ma 5

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