Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14725/gjicmwm.v2n1

Table of Contents


Clinical survey for the Traditional Chinese Medicine information of heart failure and non-heart failure PDF (简体中文)
Ying-fei Bi, Xiao-lei Cui, Xian-liang Wang, Zhi-qiang Zhao, Heng-he Wang, Ya-zhu Hou, Jing-yuan Mao 1
Curative effect and influence on glucose and lipid metabolism of risperidone with SHU Mian capsules in patients with chronic PDF (简体中文)
Ming-jie Han, Xiao-min Zhou, Xiang-dong Yang, Dong-dong Wang, Xin-yin Fan, Gui-fang Gao 8
Green synthesis in acid water of 5,7,3’,4’-O-tetramethylquercetin PDF (简体中文)
Zhong-lei Wang, Li-yan Yang, Shuai Cui, Ying-xi Liang, Jian-na Yuan, Ling-zhi Wang, Xiao-hua Zhang 13


Research progress on Traditional Chinese Medicine of pathogenesis and syndrome differentiation type for treating diabetes foot PDF (简体中文)
Ting-yang Zhao, Li-mei Xu 17

Clinical Experience

Therapeutic experience sharing about adenomyosis treatment by professor Ouyang huiqing PDF (简体中文)
Lei Cao, Jie-ming Huang 22
A case analysis of primary fallopian tube carcinoma PDF (简体中文)
Ling Jiang 25

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