Ext The effect of littoralis leaf extract on Hemolytic Value (HC50) of mice

Zhi-jiang Wang, Zai-yun Sui, Guo-hua Ye, Yi-ping Xu, Fang-jun Lv


Objective: To study the effect of Umbelliferae littoralis leaf extract on the Hemolytic Value (HC50) of mice, and to provide the basis for the development and utilization medicinal resources and edible resources. Methods: Prepare littoralis leaf water extract and alcohol extract, and set different dose treatment groups and blank control group, and continuously deliver American ginseng capsule for 15 days. Inject sRBC according to the weight on the tenth day. Take the blood serum from eyeball blood after 5 days. Put supernatant of 1ml and Dulbecco's reagent of 3ml in the test tube, and mix the 10% sRBC of 0.25ml and Dulbecco's reagent of 4ml together in another test tube, and measure absorbance at 540nm fine control (SA liquid) tubing as blank, HC50 value were calculated. Results: Different extracts of stems and littoralis leaf were given to the mice for 15 days, and hemolytic value of the mice in water extract 4.68g/kg dose group, alcohol extract 4.68g/kg dose group and American ginseng capsule group significantly increased while comparing with the blank control group (P<0.05). Conclusion: Littoralis Leaf plays an important role in regulating human immunity.


Littoralis leaf extract; Half of the hemolytic value; Humoral immune

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