Curative effect and influence on glucose and lipid metabolism of risperidone with SHU Mian capsules in patients with chronic

Ming-jie Han, Xiao-min Zhou, Xiang-dong Yang, Dong-dong Wang, Xin-yin Fan, Gui-fang Gao


Objective: To explore the curative effect and influence on glucose and lipid metabolism of risperidone with Shu Mian capsules in patients with schizophrenia .Methods: 128patients with chronic schizophrenia were randomly divided into the combined group (crisperidone combined with shu mian capsules group) and the single group (risperidone group ), each group was assessed the positive and negative syndrome scale (PANSS),the body mass index (BMI ) was measured and the blood glucose and blood lipid were detected before treatment and after 2,4,8 weekends respectively. After 4,8 weeks ,both the two groups were assessed by Wesconsin card sorting test ( WCST) curative effect and their cognitive function was evaluated .Results: The reacting time in the two groups were of no significantly difference , but compared with condition before treatment, cognitive function of the patients with schizophrenia was improved and their level of total cholesterol was significantly increased (P < 0.05) in the combined group. BMI, blood glucose and blood lipid were significantly increased in single group after 8weeks’ treatment (P < 0.05 or P < 0.01). Conclusion: Shu Mian capsules can lower negative symptoms and improve cognitive function of schizophrenia ,and the dverse reactions is mild. With therapeutic dose range, risperidone in combined group or single group can make equal reacting time, curative effect and affecting blood lipid metabolism in patients with schizophrenia. Single group shows more obvious influence on blood sugat and blood fat metabolismcan.


Chronic schizophrenia; Risperidone; Shu Mian capsules; Cognitive function; Negative symptoms; Blood glucose; Blood lipid

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