The nature of the Chinese "qi"

Zhen-de Shang


The nature of the traditional medicine "qi" figures out the eseence of the entire Chinese medicine theory. "Qi" includes: First, the bioelectrical potential which are stored in the cells,organs, and the connective tissue as a relatively static energy and constitute " Yin qi". Second, the bioelectrical kinetic energy in the cells,organs, and the connective tissue as a relatively motive energy constitute " Yang qi". The "Yang qi" through the meridian system regulate the bioelectrical balance in various tissues and organs of the body. The Yang qi and yin qi can be interconvert. Western medicine emphasize on the organ functional content, while the Traditional Chinese Medicine pay attention to the organ functional status. The important index which reflects the functional state is the bioelectricical content per unit volume in organs, tissues and cells. TCM viscera means various functional status systems among organs.


Internal environment homeostasis; Membrane capacitance discharge; Bioelectricity; Qi; TCM viscera

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