Research and exploration of the performance management in hospital

Dan Zhang, Qing-kun Gao


At first, the article introduces the history and present status of performance management in hospitals. Second, it lays out the basic theories of performance management, from three aspects of the concept, process and method. Specially, in home and abroad, there are two performance management methods always to be used. They are Key Performance Indicator ( KPI) and Balance Scorecard (BSC). Performance management was a process of plan, action, communication, evaluation and feedback in hospital staff or section’s behavior and result. Good performance management system could promote staff capacity and improve total performance in organization. In the last part, performance management is important for hospital. It could improve efficiency and service quality, which is the effectiveness for hospital’s managing. It is necessary to maintain the core competency by the performance management system of hospital.


Hospital; Performance management; KPI; BSC

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