Uncover the cause of cell carcinogenesis from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Zhen-de Shang


Objective: To explore the causes of the formation of tumors from new thoughts of “internal environment biological electrical energy homeostasis”. At present, it is believed that cell malignant transformation results from cancer gene mutation, and a lot of cancer genes have been found. However, the cancer gene is under control under normal circumstances, imposing no effect. People living in the same environment and conditions are not suffering from cancer. In that case, there must be a basic factor, such as the cell, the cell nucleus, tending to gene mutation under basic condition, which contributes to the serious imbalance of “steady state of internal environment biological energy” or “steady-state conditions” of the histiocytic cells. Methods: To unveil the appearance of “qi stagnation and blood stasis" among tissue cells by eliciting the concept of “energy homeostasis of the internal environment”. Serious long-term and persistent qi stagnation and blood stasis potentially lead to the following syndromes: ⑴difficulties to eliminate physiological toxin toxins from histological cells, resulting in cell intoxication; ⑵ the inhibition of mitochondrial function, followed by the lack of ATP content in aerobic oxidation, as well as enhanced process of fermentation occurs when the function of tissue cells is severely impeded, which is suitable for gene mutation and cell carcinogenesis; ⑶Severe Qi deficiency of tissue cells made cell membrane potential, nuclear membrane potential decreased, and reducing the volume of electric field strength within the nucleus. Therefore, the biological electromagnetic effect on the formation of chromosome is decreased, and the ability to control gene declined as well, which leads to the enhancement of gene activity, cancer gene mutation, and cell malignant transformation. Conclusion: Qi deficiency of cell nucleus due to long-term, persistent stagnation of histological cells provides a basic factor and condition of gene mutation. To resolve blood stasis is an important method to prevent gene mutation and carcinogenesis. The most effective measures to control cancer growth and prevent cancerous tissue function failure, and reduce the mortality of cancer growth and prevention are to remove the "Qi Deficiency" of tissue cells and to restore the "internal environment and biological electric energy homeostasis". Therefore, Traditional Chinese Medicine makes great contribution to the prevention and treatment of cancer by providing new clue. 


cancer, blood stasis, Qi deficiency, steady internal environment, energy homeostasis of internal environment

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