Methods of stabilizing a permanent maglev rotator in heart pumps and other rotary machines

Kun-xi Qian


Permanent maglev rotator in a rotary machine could be stabilized according to the author’s experiences, by use of a non-PM (permanent magnetic) force acting together with the PM force, and a non-PM bearing functioning together with the PM bearing, or a so-called gyro-effect which can stabilize all rotators including permanent maglev rotator. This paper presents both axially and radially driven permanent maglev centrifugal heart pumps, as well as a permanent maglev turbine machine and an industrially used permanent maglev centrifugal pump. In all this devices permanent maglev rotators achieve stable equilibrium by different approaches described in detail. Finally, the principle exhibition of gyro-effect and the route chart to stabilization of permanent maglev rotator are presented.


Permanent maglev rotator; Stabilizing approaches; Gyro-effect; Route chart of stabilization

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