The relationship between marital adjustment and personality characteristics, medical coping style of infertile patients

Wen-Lan Wang, Qiao-ping Chen, Gui-ying Deng, Ji-hong Guan


Objective: To explore the relationship between marital adjustment and personality characteristics and coping styles of patients with infertility, and to provide evidence for clinical intervention. Methods: A total of 156 patients with infertility were selected from August 2012 to January 2015 in a grade a hospital of reproductive medicine center. This research is a cross - sectional survey. The Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ), Locke-Wollance marital adjustment test scale and Medical Coping Questionnaire (MCMQ), were investigated, respectively, to evaluate the patient status, marital adjustment and personality characteristics and coping style and their relationship. Results: Patients marital adjustment status and EPQ P, N and MCMQ yield was significantly negative correlated, and EPQ E and MCMQ was significantly positively related; EPQ P, N and MCMQ showed a negative correlation, and MCMQ yield positively correlated; EPQ E, and MCMQ face was significantly positively related, EPQ P, E, N and MCMQ, yield in the marital adjustment the conditions of grouping, the differences were statistically significant (all P < 0.01). Multiple stepwise regression analysis: 4 factors, such as confrontation, avoidance, yield and psychoticism (P), were used to explain the total variation of the adjustment of marriage in infertile patients (26.4%). Conclusion: Personality characteristics, medical coping styles are the important factors influencing the marital adjustment for infertility patients.


Infertility ; Marital adjustment conditions; Personality traits; Medical coping styles

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