The investigation of wound ostomy continence(WOC) clinic in a hospital

Pei Liu, Jing Cao, Lan Wang, Wei Yang


Objective: To investigate the present situation of wound ostomy continence(WOC) clinic as well as to provide objective basis and expand working thoughts for carrying out WOC clinic.Method:3251 patients who visited our WOC clinic between December 2010 and March 2015 were retrospectively analyzed.Results: The patients know WOC clinic mostly (94.72%) by medical staff in our hospital. Chronic wound patients have the highest demand (63.82%). 6.51% patients with poor health and economic condition can’t stick to outpatient dressing. Most ostomy patients receive well health guidance during their hospitalization.Conclusion: The patients show great demands for WOC clincic. Next we should strengthen the propaganda, develop continuous nursing and telemedicine network.


Enterostomal therapist; Wound; Ostomy; Continence

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周昕, 蒋琪霞, 彭青, 等. 伤口护理护士工作状况调查分析[J]. 中华现代护理杂志, 2014, 20(22): 2768-2770.

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