Effect of home nutrition support and nursing intervention on patients with enteral nutrition

Ying-chun Huang, Ran Li, Nan-hai Peng


ObjectiveTo investigate the effect of home nutrition support nursing intervention on prevention of complications and improve the satisfaction degree of nursing in patients with enteral nutrition support. Methods: 213 cases in our hospital implementation of home enteral nutrition support nursing treatment and standardized patients as the observation group; 185 cases of home enteral nutrition support therapy and the traditional nursing mode of patients from Nanjing hospital as control group. The incidence of complications and nursing satisfaction were compared between the two groups after 6 months. Results: The incidence of catheter blockage and diarrhea in the observation group was significantly lower than the control group (P <0.01), the degree of satisfaction was significantly higher than the control group, and the difference was statistically significant (97% vs.74%, P<0.01). Conclusion: Standardized nursing intervention can effectively reduce the incidence of complications in patients with enteral nutrition support, improve the prognosis of patients, and improve the patient’s satisfaction with nursing work.


Home enteral nutrition support; Nursing intervention; Complication rate; Satisfaction

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14725/gjanp.v4n1.a1616


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