Invasion and Metastasis Significance of Serum MMP-9 in Lung Cancer Patients

Li-jing ZHU, Cheng LIU, Ning Sun, Pan-fei HOU


Objective To investigate the expression of metastasis value of matrix metalloproteinases-9 (MMP-9) and its’ relationship with invasion and metastasis in lung cancer. Methods The levels of MMP-9 in serum were tested by ELISA in 70 patients with lung cancer and 60 healthy people. Results The serum levels of MMP-9 were higher than that in healthy control group significantly (р<0.05). The level of MMP- 9 significantly increased with lymphnode metastasis. The level of MMP-9 were not related with age and pathological type (р>0.05).Conclusion MMP-9 is a good marker in prediction of lung cancer invasion and metastas stages.


Matrix metalloproteinases-9; Lung cancer; Invasion; Metastasis

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